Allow your audience to comment any time

By text message, e‑mail, Twitter, Facebook and the web – all or any combination

Presenters get messages live on stage the instant they come in

Use our laptop or iPad application, or send messages to your screen, your website, or save them to review later

No learning curve, apps to install, handset hire, or lost keypad replacement charges

Make use of hardware and services your audience already own and use

Select the best comments and questions

No need to wait for random comments at a busy question and answer session at the end of the day

Choose how to use the messages your audience send throughout your event

Complete service includes the hire of software, hardware and operators
Get instant feedback throughout your presentation
Tag the best messages to find them quickly later
No apps to install, or minimum hardware requirements – all phones are compatible
No expensive handset hire or lost keypad charges
Local SMS number means users aren't charged a premium rate for taking part
Works in multiple locations at the same time
Send messages straight to screen as they are received
Brandable and customisable displays
Publish comments on the web as they come in
Allow a live webstreaming audience to take part in your event in real-time
Full reporting system so you can analyse messages after your event